Anti Aging Secrets and Tips

While the fountain of youth might not be an actual thing, there are plenty of ways to
slow down the negative effects of aging 皱纹, and potentially add years to your life span.
From skincare hacks to healthy eating habits, here are a few expert-approved anti
aging secrets and tips to try.

Anti-Aging Tips: Best Anti-Aging Secrets To Stay Beautiful Ever | Nykaa's  Beauty Book
1. Skip the straw
Drinking through a straw can cause fine lines around your mouth over time Instead,
use a glass or bottle of water to prevent those pesky wrinkles and keep your skin
2. Go vegetarian
Choosing not to eat meat is one of the most effective anti aging secrets you can
follow. A study from JAMA Internal Medicine found that vegetarians and vegans had
a lower risk of death than people who ate meat regularly. If you’re not ready to
make the full swap, just incorporating more plant-based protien in the form of tofu or
the new Impossible Burger can help lower your risk of mortality by 12 percent.

3 Secrets of Anti-Aging Tips for Younger Looking Skin
3. Sleep naked
According to a blog post from Natasha Turner, MD, removing your clothes while you
sleep can boost your natural anti-aging hormones. By allowing your body to cool
down naturally, it can also release these key aging hormones. If you must wear PJs,
at least opt for the loose ones over the tighter ones.
4. Volunteer
Spending time helping others not only makes you feel good, but it may actually
make you happier and healthier. Research from the journal Psychology and Aging
showed that volunteers who spent time building homes or cleaning cages at animal
shelters had a lower blood pressure, and thus a longer lifespan than those who

Anti Aging Secrets and Tips

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